Pathways Forum #14:  When Western meets Indigenous in Sustainability Science, from theory to practice (Part 2) – June 17 @ 16:00-18:00 CEST

The role of both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous scholars in decolonizing (sustainability) research

Part 2: The role of both Indigenous and Non-Inidigenous scholars in decolonizing research

Continuing our Decolonizing Sustainability Science series, join us for a unique two-part Forum which will explore insights from both community collaborators and Indigenous researchers. 

Part 2 focuses on the challenges confronted by Indigenous researchers when working within Western institutions. Three Indigenous scholars will share their stories and discuss these issues with our audience. This highly interactive webinar attempts to advance a discussion about ways Western institutions can become more welcoming to Indigenous people and their scholarly work.


Claudia Baron-AguilarUniversity of South Florida

Nkwi FloresKinray Hub

Teriitutea Quesnot, Université de Bretagne Occidentale

Discussion facilitator

Linwood Pendleton, Executive Director of the Ocean Knowledge Action Network.

This event is organized in collaboration with the Ocean Knowledge Action Network and Future Earth Taipei.

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The Pathways Forum is a bi-monthly online event where researchers from diverse disciplines who engage, or want to engage, with societal actors in processes of adaptive learning to design, implement, and evaluate pathways to sustainability get a chance to reflect on concepts and theories of change, and discuss the practical implications of sustainability science and transdisciplinarity for research practices. Through this webinar series, the Pathways Initiative aims to develop and support agenda-setting, synthesis and capacity building around pathways for sustainability.