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Caught in the urgency of the global challenges we are facing, we are compelled to act fast. So fast, in fact, that key aspects of how and why we act can become unclear, blurred by this urgency. Sustainability research is no exception.

The Pathways Initiative therefore aims to create a space where we can pause and ask ourselves, as a community, “where are we exactly?”, “where should we go next?”, and “how can we get there?”. Addressing these questions will only reinforce our capacity to continue the transformative journey with drive and confidence.

The Pathways Initiative provides a space where we can reflect on concepts and theories of change, and discuss the practical implications of sustainability science and transdisciplinarity for research practices. In doing so, the initiative aims to develop and support agenda-setting, synthesis and capacity building activities around pathways for sustainability. Finally, through this Initiative, we want to promote the learning, research, and work in support of societal transformations towards sustainability produced by the Future Earth community and beyond.

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This initiative is co-designed with the Future Earth community and anyone interested in joining the Pathways community of practice. If you are interested in learning more about the Pathways initiative and/or in participating in its development, please contact:

Gilles Marciniak

Deputy Director, France Hub

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