The Pathways

Accompanying researchers on the complex, messy, and uncertain journey of transformative change

The Pathways Initiative’s mission is to enhance researchers’ capacity to engage in transformative research and actively contribute to supporting societal actors in co-developing pathways for more sustainable futures at different scales.

Our Objectives

Create spaces for reflection and mutual learning

In a time where deep transformations are needed, such spaces are essential for critically examining our ways of producing and sharing knowledge. They are key to better equip a community whose job is to contribute to address complex interdependent challenges characterised by a high level of uncertainty.

Support researchers engagement

Inter- and transdisciplinary research is complex and requires time, innovative funding schemes, and specific mixes of skills and expertise. Contributing to the necessary transformations of research and education institutions, and providing training opportunities for early career researchers is therefore fundamental. 

Promote transformative inter- and transdisciplinary research

Transformative research is often rooted in new approaches and narratives, and applied to specific contexts. The resulting outcomes often suffer from a lack of visibility, in the scientific and public arenas. Promoting transformative research is critical to legitimising novel approaches and narratives.

Increase inclusivity and plurality

The capacity of sustainability science to tackle highly complex issues hinges on mobilising a plurality of perspectives, knowledge, and methodologies. Fostering a diverse community relies on embarking scholars from a wide range of disciplines, approaches, narratives, regions, and career stages.