Our activities are framed
by our core objectives:

Create spaces for reflection and mutual learning on sustainability science practices and challenges

In a time where deep transformations are needed, such spaces are essential for critically examining our ways of producing and sharing knowledge. They are also key to better equip a community whose job is to contribute to address complex interdependent challenges characterised by a high level of uncertainty and by increasing political tensions throughout the world.

Support researchers' engagement in inter- and transdisciplinary research

Inter- and transdisciplinary research is complex and requires time, innovative funding schemes, and specific mixes of skills and expertise. Contributing to the necessary transformations of research and education institutions, and providing training opportunities for early career researchers is fundamental.

Promote transformative inter- and transdisciplinary research in sustainability science and at the science-society interface

Transformative research is often rooted in new approaches and narratives, and applied to specific contexts. The resulting outcomes often suffer from a lack of visibility, in the scientific and public arenas, compared to more established, quantitative national-to-global scale studies. Promoting transformative research is critical to legitimising novel approaches and narratives.

Increase the inclusivity and plurality of researchers involved in sustainability science

The capacity of sustainability science to tackle highly complex issues hinges on leveraging dynamic interactions among multiple perspectives and fostering synergies that arise from these varied and sometimes divergent viewpoints. This principle is transversal – extending across disciplines, approaches, narratives, regions, and career stages – which is why we focus on the links that can strengthen, unite, and enrich this diverse community.

Our Activities

Pathways Forum

An open webinar series aimed at developing critical reflections on sustainability science

Pathways Autumn School

The Pathways Autumn School brings together early career researchers working in sustainability science to reflect on current research practices and learn to better engage inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations to contribute to deep societal transformations.

Sustainability Science Conference

Our annual Sustainability Science Conference convenes the French research community working on sustainability science. It offers a space for exchange and reflection on current practices and themes.

Programme Pathways Jeunes Chercheurs Francophones

The programme Pathways Jeunes Chercheurs et Chercheuses Francophones aims to support the engagement of francophone early career scientists from West and Central Africa, Quebec and Europe in transformative sustainability science.

Pathways Communication Grants

The Pathways Communication Grants support innovative ways of communicating scientific outcomes of place-based research projects on pathways for sustainability to educate and engage with non-academic audiences.

Pathways Projects

The Pathways Projects aim to encourage inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration, further pathways research on the ground in diverse contexts, and support early career researchers interested in working on transformative change.